From the 2007 Album “All Directions Forward” (download from: itunes | amazon | bandcamp)

We existed for a moment, a moment in time together
You’re my therapy, when I’m in need
When I’m feeling low, when I’m all alone
Been so long since I’ve had a real friend showing me the way
And it’s been so long since I’ve had your warmth on my skin
I want to get

To you

Please don’t listen to all those doubts
That they have, cuz you know
There’s nothing like what you and I share
So why don’t you stay a little while longer
You don’t have to fade away
You know we can make
Through all the troubles life can throw our way
And you know that we’ll survive from the storm to the sun
I want to get

To you

Written by Anthony Rodriguez and Ryan McKeithan for Soulganic (ASCAP)