“We Will Rise” was born from a jam session with Ryan and Anthony (along with unofficial 5th member of The Ganic Adam Jarrett). The tune was originally slated for inclusion on the Acoustica project, an EP of stripped down originals and re-imaginings of the band’s previous work, to be heavily influenced by the sounds of Kaki King and Rodrigo y Gabriela. As we jettisoned that idea and moved through the Equilibria recordings, though, “We Will Rise” began to have new life.

The original sketch included just the verse and hook parts, but the bridge was hard to come by. That is, until the ultra-talented Cory climbed that mountain. Then, based on the subject matter, we wanted to bring in some more members of the Soulganic Family to complete the anthemic feel. Our original idea was to bring back our Soul Brother #1 ML Caldwell and Anthony’s long-time mentor (and sister to boot) Myra Ferrell to flesh out the coda. Due to scheduling, ML wasn’t able to join in, but Myra’s soulful crescendo brought the song home in the right way.

Interestingly enough, we had three versions of this one: a slowed down groove, a keyboard-based take, and the finished product.

Side note: Cory kept the beat super tight, and eschewed any toms for most of the recording process of Didactic Interstice. We struggled with that decision, since what we love about his playing is his melodic and balanced approach on the drums. But, after hearing this bare bones approach, we felt everything bounced a bit more, and we quickly came around. His playing here is a funky combination of ?uestlove and Soulive’s Alan Evans, but drenched with Cory’s trademark detailed and nuanced approach. Good stuff.



I believe
your roots dig deeper when you bleed
your leaves reach higher when you weep
though you tend to deny your possibilities

i believe
your shoulder’s stronger day by day
as the path less beaten is your way
though you tend to deny all that you can be
I believe

that we will rise
into the sun
spread your wings
before everyone
we will rise

i can see
your struggle’s equipped me to be
a truer version of their reality
and time has proven our victory

I can see
that hand in hand we’ll have a sky more blue
and hand in hand we’ll have a clearer view of so many better things
for you and me
cuz I can see

that we will rise
into the sun
spread your wings before everyone
we will rise

through the darkest of my days
your strength has shown me the way
and though we may fear
I know that our clouds will clear
and our trials will disappear

cuz we will rise
into the sun
spread your wings before everyone
we will rise



The concept of Didactic Interstice is to honor the philosophy articulated by classical pianist Artur Schnabel: “The pauses between the notes…that is where the art resides!” Taking the listener on a sonic journey that highlighted the spaces between the music while still conveying our trademark aesthetic: real, raw, live musicianship.

“Spaces Between” is a primer of sorts, as well as a Soulganic retrospective: a sound collage built upon random sounds designed to create a swirling sense of space, interspersed with clips from the opening and closing tracks of our previous two albums, along with bursts of recordings from our live shows. With this, we wanted to present a feeling of vast chaos before settling into what follows.

Our goal with the Equilibria recordings was to be concise, tight and focused. The instrumental track “In Time” is the direct result of that approach, and born of Ryan’s & Anthony’s sessions during Soulganic’s downtime. In retrospect, we can really hear the influences of DJ Shadow, Morcheeba and even Luscious Jackson on the track (bonus points if you feel us on those references).



None this time, sorry. This one’s instrumental. 🙂



It was years ago that this journey began, with the band at a crossroads – perhaps at the end of our rope. We had poured everything into performing, writing, recording for four straight years – squeezing blood from a stone to create sounds that were true to us, and appealing to an audience that was willing to buck the norm. Yet, we were tired. Especially after the crucible that was From the Storm to the Sun.

So, we rested. We went off in different directions, embarked on different phases of life, unsure of where, when (or if!) this thing would continue.

Lucas dove into performing traditional Latin music up and down the east coast with his ensemble. Cory (ever the humble genius) was on call across the country to write, produce and record for an array of independent artists.

Ryan and Anthony (with unofficial 5th member of The Ganic, Adam Jarrett), jammed and wrote and spit-balled writing and producing ideas. It was these sessions that gave birth to what would become the Equilibria recordings.

This is not to say that the vision was so clear initially. We explored doing stripped down recordings of songs old and new. We tinkered with adding more electronic and programmed elements into the music. We (momentarily) played with the notion of recording the way we did on our debut, All Directions Forward – a marathon session, one song after the next, all the way live.

After the dust settled, though, so did we, and we turned our attention to the demos, jam sessions, and snippets that we had accumulated during the interstice. We came together again and began pouring ideas into the seedlings. Eventually, we were happy enough to let them blossom.

The first collection of these recordings, Didactic Interstice, has now been given to the universe. To aid it in its journey, we’ll be posting (semi-regular) notes and lyrics on each of the tracks from the record. Our goal is to give a little insight into the process, concept and execution of each song, along with the lyrical content, so you can fully enjoy this project.

As always, thank you for your energy and support – your general awesomeness is what keeps the groove alive.

Peace & Luv


Dear Friends:

Greetings & salutations! We hope this summer has treated you kindly, and that you share our optimism for what the rest of 2014 will bring.

We wanted to briefly tell you some good news – our newest album, Didactic Interstice: Equilibria Vol. 1 is mixed, mastered, and being pressed as we speak!

We know it’s been a long time coming, but we’re sure you’ll dig what we’ve brewed this time out. Here’s the run-down:

What’s up with that name?

Glad you asked! Throughout the writing and recording process (which was done in spurts over the past 3 1/2 years), one concept ruled supreme: space. As in letting the music breathe.

Our last album, 2009’s From the Storm to the Sun, was dense, lush and packed with ideas (some great, others not quite fully formed). This time around, we wanted to return to our roots, focus our vision and tighten our execution. But, we wanted everything to still capture the feel of being in the moment; the essence of what happens when we’re just grooving. While finding our way through all of this we learned a lot of lessons, even some we didn’t want to admit to ourselves. In a sense, then, the creative process itself was didactic. The music, though, thrived on the interstices.

By the time it was all said and done, we created a bunch of music. After choosing the final tracks for Didactic Interstice, we still felt there was more to say, another way to complete our vision. So, we decided on splitting up the music from now (and unreleased goodies from years past) between two volumes. Our Soul Brother #1, ML Caldwell, made yet another inspired contribution to The Ganic by suggesting we call the entire two volume collection Equilibria, to reflect our collective states of musical balance.

Thus, we present to you Didactic Interstice: Equilibria Vol. 1.

What can you expect on this album?

Well, we hesitate to classify/describe our own music, but suffice it to say that this feels more like the follow-up to our fan-favorite debut, 2007’s All Directions Forward. We did, though, add some flourishes here and there (guest vocalists, live horns, live violin). So expect some audio treats.

How can you get the album?

You’ll have the option of pre-ordering on iTunes for the mp3 version of the album, or on our website for the CD version. We’ll let you know when the pre-order period starts. If you order the CD version of the album, we’ll get you a copy in-hand before it’s available anywhere else.

Once it’s officially released, then you can get the CD from CDBaby, and the mp3 album from iTunes, Amazon, and other reputable outlets.

What does it look like?



As you can imagine, we’re pretty stoked to be sharing this with you. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be rolling out a revamped web site and letting you know when you can pre-order the album, along with the official release date (we want to keep it under wraps right now, but we promise we’ll keep you in the loop).

Thanks so much for your support over the past nine (!) years. Without you, on this journey with us, it would all be for naught.

We’ll be in touch.

Peace & Luv


Singular Vibe (Essence), the third and final single from the upcoming album Didactic Interstice, is now available.

A smooth and soulful ballad, the song explores the simmering, intimate side of Soulganic’s groove with a memorable hook, lush arrangements and a soaring guitar solo reminiscent of vintage Isley Brothers.

You can get Singular Vibe (Essence) from:  iTunes | amazongoogle play | bandcamp