The concept of Didactic Interstice was to honor the philosophy articulated by classical pianist Artur Schnabel: “The pauses between the notes…that is where the art resides!”

We wanted to take the listener on a sonic journey that highlighted the spaces between the music, while still conveying our trademark aesthetic: real, raw, live musicianship.

“Spaces Between” is a primer of sorts, as well as a Soulganic retrospective: a sound collage built upon random sounds designed to create a swirling sense of space, interspersed with clips from the opening and closing tracks of our previous two albums, along with bursts of recordings from our live shows. With this, we wanted to present a feeling of vast chaos before settling into what follows.

Our goal with the Equilibria recordings was to be concise, tight and focused. The instrumental track “In Time” is the direct result of that approach, and born of Ryan’s & Anthony’s sessions during Soulganic’s downtime. In retrospect, we can really hear the influences of DJ Shadow, Morcheeba and even Luscious Jackson on the track (bonus points if you feel us on those references).


None this time, sorry. This one’s instrumental. πŸ™‚