It was years ago that this journey began, with the band at a crossroads – perhaps at the end of our rope. We had poured everything into performing, writing, recording for four straight years – squeezing blood from a stone to create sounds that were true to us, and appealing to an audience that was willing to buck the norm. Yet, we were tired. Especially after the crucible that was From the Storm to the Sun.

So, we rested. We went off in different directions, embarked on different phases of life, unsure of where, when (or if!) this thing would continue.

Lucas dove into performing traditional Latin music up and down the east coast with his ensemble. Cory was on call across the country to write, produce and record for an array of independent artists.

Ryan and I jammed and wrote and spit-balled ideas.

It was these sessions that gave birth to what would become volume one of the Equilibria recordings.

This is not to say that the vision was so clear initially. We explored doing stripped down acoustic recordings of our existing songs. We (momentarily) played with the notion of recording the way we did on our debut, All Directions Forward – a marathon session, one song after the next, all the way live.

After the dust settled, though, so did we, and we turned our attention to the demos, jam sessions, and snippets that we had accumulated during the interstice. We came together again and began pouring ideas into the seedlings. Eventually, we were happy enough to let them blossom.

The first collection of these recordings, Didactic Interstice, was released in 2014. Below you’ll find notes and lyrics on each of the tracks from the record. Our goal is to give a little insight into the process, concept and execution of each song, along with the lyrical content, so you can fully enjoy this project.

As always, thank you for your energy and support – your general awesomeness is what keeps the groove alive.

Peace & Luv