Established in 2005 and based in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, Soulganic is an independent band that creates Funky Indie Soul with a Latin twist.

Soulganic is:

• drummer/keyboardist Cory McClure

• guitarist Ryan McKeithan

• vocalist/bassist Anthony Rodriguez, and

• percussionist Lucas Torres

Soulganic’s signature sound has been described as “organic music from the soul” (OkayPlayer), “a perfected blend of funk and soul” (Soulified, UK), and “elements of jazz and soul with Latin rhythms for a unique brand that’s all its own.” (Creative Loafing). It’s “a wonderful reminder of what else is out there” (Earthings), because “there’s nothing here formularised or clichéd. Those who like to be seriously challenged could do worse than investigate.” (Soul and Jazz and Funk, UK)

Currently, Soulganic is putting the finishing touches on their fourth studio album Wax Progressive: Equilibria Vol. 2.