Soulganic is Cory McClure, Ryan McKeithan, and Anthony Rodriguez

“Soulganic sounds like some of the best soul and jazz-funk bands of the 70′s and 80′s…music from genuine musicians who love playing and jamming with each other. It’s organic music from the soul, that’s as real as it can be.” (OkayPlayer, US)

“A whole range of musical mastery…pure and authentic genius.” (White Box Music, MX)

"Listen to a playlist of classic soul songs, and you'll hear some common themes: resilience, love, healing. While contemporaries to the original soul movement, Soulganic brings the same sentiments and vintage sounds forward and takes them into the future with some indie flair and Latin twists." (Amplifier, NPR, US)

“An intoxicating blend of funky soul with a distinctive Latin tinge and more than a dash of blues, rock, and jazz. An aesthetically pleasing sound…simultaneously disquieting the audience’s complacency regarding social issues.” (Black Grooves, US)

“A perfected blended sound of Funk and Soul.” (Soulified, UK)

“It’s hard to find a band that can speak to an eclectic and diverse crowd. Their music comes close to doing just that … there’s something in that soulful funk that everyone gets.” (The Charlotte Observer, US)

“A live and (obviously) organic feel…the crashing congas and insistent guitar phrasing might remind you of Curtis Mayfield’s early solo recordings though the feel is a whole lot rockier and more aggressive than anything the Gentle Genius ever created. There’s nothing here formularised or clichéd.” (Soul and Jazz and Funk, UK)

“A nice, tasty take on funk, steamrolled with jazz and Latin twists. There’s a tight conviction that makes it all compelling…a wonderful reminder of what else is out there.” (Earthings, US)

“Fans of Smokey Robinson, Raphael Saadiq, Us3, D’Angelo, and Maxwell will appreciate the vocals and the vibe of Soulganic. It’s refreshing to hear true musicians with an organic, top-notch approach to their craft.” (Mark Weber Music Blog, US)

“Soulganic combines elements of jazz and soul with Latin rhythms for a unique brand that’s all its own.” (Creative Loafing, US)

“The funk syncopation of Soulganic offers the bluesy soul of old-style R&B, laced with Latin percussion. They are phenomenal.” (Skope Magazine, US)

“The four members of the band Soulganic make groove like some of the R&B groups of the past. Jazzy neo-soul with an energetic vibe.” (The State of Things, NPR, US)

“A bit of a different groove than usual from this Carolina combo — a group who work in funky Neo Soul modes, but also bring in a bit of Latin and Caribbean influences as well! The sound is relatively laidback — played live, instrumentally, without a lot of extra beats or programming — and the group [has] a vamping approach to the rhythms that sets things up nicely before the lyrics come in. The outside influences mostly show themselves in these rhythms, which open up in some relatively fresh ways.” (Dusty Groove America, US)

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